Flora McCallica

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Flora McCallica
Collage and design: paula roush
Source: Found Photo Foundation
msdm publications

laser printed black & white corona offset 120 gsm
32 pages  38 x 26 cm approx.
with folded colophon 16x 18 cm
hand-bound, japanese stab binding with kangxi corners,
hand-stencilled lettering on title page
Edition of 32, numbered and signed, released 2017

Collage of orphan photos from a set dated 1958 found in the Lisbon flea market and a 1920s herbarium
(Herbarium Britannicum) discarded by the London Kew Gardens. The title is a tribute to Mary Delany, inventor of
botanical collage (Flora Delanica 1772-1782), and Annie McCall, founder of the Maternity Hospital (1889-1970),
aka Stockwell Studios (1975-2013), where msdm publications were based.